Friday, September 3, 2010


Elections are just around the corner so let me share an acrostic which government leaders and all who seek office should commit themselves to. FREEDOM is the heart of the issue and understanding the accountability it requires.

Faithful to the Constitution

Responsive to the People

Efficient in their Service

Examples in Humility

Diligent in the management of their Office

Observant to the Principles on which our Nation was founded

Mindful of the Providence of God

God Bless America!!!


Wanda said...

This is the freedom we need.

Your acrostic covers it all so well.

Betsy said...

I love acrostics! This is a good one!

photowannabe said...

Well said. Everyone in office should hold to these words.

Kansas Bob said...

I liked that Don. I do think that the efficient thing is pretty impossible in the bureaucracy that our government has become.. not that they shouldn't try.